Advice on Pearl Care

It is important to care for your pearls to preserve their beauty. Although frequent wearing is advisable as the body's natural oils help keep them lustrous, pearls are sensitive gemstones.

Pearls are vulnerable to some cosmetics and hairsprays, which may contain corrosive acids. They should be wiped frequently with a soft cloth which should help prevent a build-up of these chemicals. A good habit is to put pearls on last before going out or at least after cosmetics and perfumes have been applied.

As with all your jewellery, try to keep your pearls separate from other precious materials or gemstones that might scratch or dull their surfaces. Pearls are extremely compact but rate only 3-4 on Moh's scale of hardness making them vulnerable to abrasion.
Regular re-stringing is also advised to avoid losing pearls in the event of a string breaking.

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