Pearl Skin quality

As with all gemstones it is extremely rare for a pearl to be flawless. It will usually have small surface blemishes variously described as blisters, spots or indentations. The fewer there are, the rarer and more valuable the pearl will be.
It should be emphasised that these are not 'damage' marks but simply by-products of their formation process which emphasise the uniqueness of each pearl.

Pearl Skin Quality
Flawless    Lightly Spotted    Spotted    Heavily spotted
These imperfections are markedly less visible when a pearl has a fine lustre and can be further hidden by strategic placement of a drill-hole when the pearl is being mounted or strung.

Advice on pearl skin quality

Heming selects pearls only from the upper two categories. Minor blemishes are just part of the natural formation process and we prefer to focus on the quality of lustre. This, along with the craftsman's skill, will make any blemishes less noticeable.

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