Pearl Lustre

Lustre refers to the intense reflective shine that a pearl produces. The depth and quality of this lustre is determined by the thickness of the nacre which has formed around the pearl's nucleus. The longer a pearl is allowed to grow, the more fine layers of nacre will have time to form concentrically around the nucleus, and the more beautiful the lustre will be. Lustre can be rated from 'very high' to 'very low'.

Pearl Lustre
Very High    High    Medium    Low    Very Low

A pearl from the lower end of the scale will simply look dull, and usually monochromatic with little or no reflective qualities. They can be produced very cheaply as they take less time to grow and can be sold very cheaply too.

Advice on pearl lustre

At Heming we do not believe it is worth compromising beautiful lustre. We only accept pearls from the top end of the scale featuring either 'very high' or 'high' lustre. We ensure that pearls are well matched for lustre as well as colour.

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